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Purpose of the site:

Promotion of new services on the market

Image formation and a confidence attitude toward Vomed Center and David technique

Introduction to the service

Communication objective

Educational goal

Develop a structure, scenarios and trust units

Vomed - the largest center in Ukraine, specializing in techniques DAVID

Solving the navigation problem

The concept of the home page

Home page of the site is developed based on the presentation (slides) principle. On these slides we identify customer’s problems and offer solutions to them. Home page gives a brief summary of the site.

Slide 1

The main problems

Slide 2

The causes of problems

Slide 3

Solving Problems

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Where to start?

See "About the Center"

In the section "About the Center Vomed" is described the story of the center, methods that Vomed uses, as well as how they have come to these methods. Also, there are the pictures of the center.

Information in this section is spread in a way to bring trust to the Vomed center and make it more physical and real, not abstract for the site visitors.

About «O David Health Solution LTD.». Section is built in a way to not only give the client confidence but also speak about effectiveness of the David methods and company’s reputation in the rehabilitation of the spine and joints field.

"Staff" section not just introduces the site visitors to the achievements and qualifications of staff of the center, but also makes the company Vomed more human, not faceless. Faces on the site always increase the credibility of the site and to the company.


In "Partners"section are posted with the partners logo and company description.

"Partners" section has the role of increasing trust and loyalty to the company.

"Contacts" in the form of a page with a map on which is located Vomed centre with the address and contacts of the company. Map on the entire screen is comfortable and looks very impressive.

Testimony page is devided on two tabs for the convenience and placed on one screen.

"Methods" Section

Methods is one of the most important and main sections. In this section is placed the information about the methods used in the Vomed center.

For convenience and clarity, this section was divided into parts,on which you can go from anywhere on the site from the menu with icons attached to the left.

Sidebar Menu "Methods"

Benefits of the method

Training concepts

Equipment and indications

Figures and Facts


FactsHow does it work?

"Prices" Section

The prices page displays confortably and visually not only the prices of main services of the center, but also duration of each service.

"Reviews" Section

Section reviews includes comments and recommendations of experts.

This section is a section of confidence on this site. It creates credibility and reputation of Vomed company in the eyes of website visitors.

In reviews, you can read reviews, comment them, and also leave comments.

All this, in turn, makes the company more transparent in customers eyes.

Recommendations are given by specialists and professionals in the treatment of spine and joints field. Therefore, to write a recommendation from the site and comment is forbidden because the commentary of an expert cannot be done by someone who is incompetent in this field.

DAVID company is a global leader manufacturers of among manufacturers of equipment for orthopedic rehabilitation

Blog - Information Portal

News section is an entire portal. Information is clearly structured and is given in a comfortable way. On the main page of the section, are given the freshest and latest articles from all sections.

Inside is possible commenting that should generate discussions raised on the blog subjects.

Home Blog

Informers of the latest news on each section of the blog section

The most important news slider

Blog section page

Post page

Review of the finished work

Illyashenko Vadim I.

Head of Centre

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Direction of "Health Center of the spine and joints," thanks the company «TotalCan» for fruitful cooperation, which has resulted in the official website of our Center.

During this work, was developed a website which turned out the way we expected: friendly, informative and easy to navigate. «TotalCan» specialists demonstrated creativity and excellence in the creation of an original design.

Additionally, was developed further piece of news with which we will be able to inform our customers about the promotions at the Center for promotions, new types of services and our achievements.

I would also like to mention the convenience of the administration system of the site, which is easy to operate and allows our employees to update the information on the site independently, to respond quickly to feedback and requests.

All defects, detected after the launch of the site, were eliminated promptly and fully.

Мы желаем руководству компании «TotalCan» и ее сотрудникам процветания и новых удачных проектов.

We recommend the company «TotalCan» as a reliable team of professionals ready to deal with any of their tasks.

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